Direct Lending

Discover Whitehall Capital

Whitehall Capital is a fully funded multi-strategy debt fund focusing on commercial and residential lending, whole loans, stretch senior, mezzanine, and bridge financing. Our loans range from £50,000 to £15,000,000.

Our tailored-made bridge finance offering is suitable for experienced developers seeking to maximise their returns through the most efficient debt structure.

Our Lending Criteria

  • Up to 70% Net LTV
  • Loan rates: from 0.70% pcm
  • Loan interest: paid or rolled-up
  • Loan terms: 12 months
  • No exit fees

Greater than the sum of our parts

We build our most successful deals on the bedrock of effective collaboration and strong relationships. Clear communication between stakeholders: lenders, brokers, valuers, solicitors and clients.

A new kind of lender with old-fashioned values

We are a specialist property lender offering short-term finance solutions to private and corporate borrowers across the UK.

Our talented team bring market knowledge and broad sector experience to every single case. With robust funding lines and a creative approach, we’ve established a reputation for meeting our clients’ needs on time, time after time.

All that and more goes into finding each tailored solution, to help our clients realise their ambitions.

Terms within 24 hours
Closing within one week
Direct access to decision makers
Certainty of funding
Experienced team